of the International Duel Fencing Tournament

“Bretteurs’ Winter Affair”


1. Status of the event

The International Duel Fencing Tournament “Bretteurs’ Winter Affair” is held

to develop duel fencing and attract new teams and individuals into this sport.

The International Duel Fencing Tournament “Bretteurs’ Winter Affair” is held using steel historical court swords (aka dueling swords or brettes).


2. Aims of the Tournament

The expansion and popularization of duel fencing as a sport, a way of physical and cultural development, a system of personal mental evolution, efficient method of patriotic, moral and ethic education of the youth.


Attracting new teams and individuals that practice duel fencing into the international community.


Forming contacts and communication between teams in order to exchange experience and initiate the progress of duel fencing.


3. Place and time of the Tournament.


The International Duel Fencing Tournament “Bretteurs’ Winter Affair” is held in Kiev, Ukraine.


Date of the tournament:  December 14th, 2013.


Tournament schedule:


10:00 – registration of the participants, equipment inspection

11:00 – opening of the tournament

11:20 – beginning of the duels

19:00 – awards and closing the tournament


Tournament address:


Ukraine, Kiev, 8/g Mate Zalki str. (school #216)



4. Organizers of the tournament


The tournament is organized by the Studio of stage fencing and artistic combat “Brette” (


The tournament is held under patronage of:


National Fencing Federation of Ukraine;


Obolon district official administration of Kiev;


Administration of the school # 216 of Kiev.




Shyrokov Vyacheslav Viktorovich

+38 050 528-43-70


5. Requirements for the participants


Any person practicing duel fencing and interested in its development can take part in the tournament.

The entry fee is 5 Euros.

The minimum age for the participant is 16.

Participants who haven’t yet reached full age, are allowed into the competition only in the presence of an accompanying adult.

The number of participants is not limited.

Every participant is obliged to accept the Statute and the Rules of the tournament.

Participation applications are accepted till December 7th, 2013. The application form is on the official site of the event.

Every duelist’s clothing must refer to the period of XVI-XVIII centuries. The main criteria are not full historical reconstruction and authentic materials, but overall looks and style. Medieval anachronisms like cotte or surcoat etc., are prohibited.

All duelists must be wearing footwear corresponding to the costume. These may include boots or shoes with garters (no contemporary high heel boots, sport shoes, sneakers etc.).

Any duelist, whose clothes do not meet the requirements won’t be allowed into the competition.

Any particular cases of participation are sorted out individually.


6. The procedure

Tournament procedure depends on the number of participants.

- The procedure is composed of two group stages, where the participants will be divided into groups and will duel within them. Every group’s results will let a number of competitors pass to the next stage.

- Next comes “Play-off”. The participants are gathered into pairs and duel until two victories. Defeated duelists get off the competition.

- Final duels for the 4th and 3rd places, the 2nd and 1st places.



7. Summary and awards


The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places are considered prize ones and are awarded.

All the prize winners will be awarded with: certificates, medals of different value and cups according to place.

There’s also a prize for the best judging in the tournament. The winner is decided by the participants of the tournament.